Jäsenen kirjasuositus: Pohjolan noituus

2 thoughts on “Jäsenen kirjasuositus: Pohjolan noituus

  1. LaDona Trohkimoinen Wheatley Vastaa

    These look fascinating but I’m an English-speaker just learning Finnish. Can you please recommend in English where I can purchase the book? I can use my dictionary to translate unless there is an English version. Kiitos! (Any English translations of any relevant material would be appreciated. Thank you!)

    1. Tiedottaja Vastaa

      Unfortunately there is no English translation for this book available as of yet. The book is available via many Finnish bookstores online, such as Adlibris, Suomalainen Kirjakauppa, and Atena Kustantamo.

      Here are a couple of English materials I can personally recommend:
      – The Great Bear: A Thematic Anthology of Oral Poetry in the Finno-Ugrian Languages, by Lauri Honko, Senni Timonen, Michael Branch, and Keith Bosley. This book is absolutely massive but it is one of my favorites. Very insightful and well-researched.
      – Finnish Folklore Atlas, available for free: https://www.sarmela.net/folklore-atlas/

      Hope this helps!

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